i'm a college student, childhood dream is to be scientists, and then he's been very hard in implementation, the junior high school, found that is not impossible dream, become to be a doctor, then very hard to study biological, later at the high school,

Futurist Ray Kurzweil, in his recent book, Fantastic Voyage, dubs the 2020s as “the golden age of nanotech”. Nanotech first gained worldwide attention in 1986 with Eric Drexler's book, Engines of Creation, which detailed amazing wonders to

The life in 2020 we now go to 2020 year.Everyone is very happy,and every home is rich.There is no poor,and children can recieve the non-paid education ,each day is very long ,because they have no homework,just play and get the knowledge what

2020年的我会成为一名宇航员我们国家发展得很快,而且在过去几十年中太空取得了巨大进步,有很多大成就,所有人都为之骄傲,我们的国家繁荣昌盛人民富强2020年的社会和谐.路不拾遗.夜不闭户. 2020年的家庭和睦生活美满没有争吵

Life in the year 2020 is very different from life in the 21st century. We still do many of the things you did, but we do them differently. For example, we now have e-friends to help us and keep us company. An e-friend is a machine that looks just like a

now i am studying in senior three,but i am poor in my english.so i hope that i can get greater progress in this term.the treasures are: (1).i'll stick to reciting 10-15 words every day.(2). i'll improve my writing ability,so i'll write teo short passages every

life is not mere survival. we confront a variety of chanllenges and difficulties in our whole life.life is also closed related with them.thus,we also should have a strong will to conquer all kinds of difficulties .then,let me explain the reason. we should

特别的春节 100词的英语作文 The Spring Festival,Chinese New Year,is the most important festival for all of us. All family members get together on New Year'Eve to have a big meal.At the same time,everyone celebrates to each other.At about 12 o'

My Chinese dream is boosting up rich countries, is our pursuit of the Chinese nation the basic goal. Both history and realities tell us: only the country strong, people are well-off, we the Chinese nation will no longer be of the oppression of the great

As we know ,2020 is coming.No doubt at that time our society will change a lot.we have more and more new cars and buildings.what is more ,people's idea about life will change.at past,we think make mor

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