i'm a college student, childhood dream is to be scientists, and then he's been very hard in implementation, the junior high school, found that is not impossible dream, become to be a doctor, then very hard to study biological, later at the high school,

After a hundred years"Bell", a noise awakened me from the dream, I looked at the bedside of the calendar, you! I have to sleep a hundred years, and is now the 2109!I looked at all directions, "the house in how it all decorations, furniture then?"

In 3008, scientists I - Wei Tong invented an electronic textbook, a book invented, it was the country's welcome and praise. This textbook is a small computer, I would like to make primary school teachers and students the use of such textbooks. In

My life in the future My life in the future will be colorful and meaningful. I'm going to be a good doctor after I graduate from university. I believe I'll bring my patients health and happiness. In my spare time, I'll stay with my family. We'll travel a lot

Now, people are getting richer and richer. Let's think, what will the life be like in the future? In the future, we won't have to change many clothes every day. We will wear a kind of special clothes. We can be warm when we feel cold and be cool when we

In 2050, the use of computers will become more pervasive. Senior high school students will have little homework and all they have to learn is computer programming, because computer programs will do almost anything for people. When people

i am li hua, i am writing to tell you something about my plan for the coming summer vacation and i also want you to do me a favor. in order to get some practical experience, i am planning to take a part-time job in a foreign capital company. i have

My mother once said, “Find what you love to do, and then find a way to make money doing it.” I do believe I have found that something. For the last seven years, there has been no question of what I want to be when I grow up- “Famous.” I have

now i am studying in senior three,but i am poor in my english.so i hope that i can get greater progress in this term.the treasures are: (1).i'll stick to reciting 10-15 words every day.(2). i'll improve my writing ability,so i'll write teo short passages every


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