我的初中生活 短暂的小学生活在不知不觉中轻轻滑过,在欢笑和叹息交错的鼓乐声中结束.我们迎来了全新的初中生活.也许初中三年的时光会似七个音符,看似平淡,可无论怎样排列都是一曲不凡的歌;也许会像夏天炙热的阳光,看似无色,

My name is Beth. I'm 14 years old, and I study in No. 1 Middle School of Hui'an. My school is very big and beautiful. I'm very happy in the school. I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. then I do morning exercises in the playground. At 6:40, I have my

my school life 我的学校生活 i go to school at half past seven every morning. 我每天早上7点半上学.when i get to school, i have to do the cleaning with my classmates. 当我回到学校的时候,我要和我的同学一起做值日.after that i have 4 lessons in

As a middle school student ,we should be independent in our life

Write to English Weekly a short essay introducing the life of high school students.

how time flies!i still remember the moment when i first came into this school gate which become familiar to me in the years followed.the teachers resembles our parents,they lead me through the way of brilliant.the classmates are like my brothers and

When the breeze gently hold LiuXu reflexes, When the sun begins its golden appered handsome cherry trees on the time, When the beautiful flower in the air to reach several long and then gently landed, we are enjoying happiness of campus life.In

I like reading English books. But last year, I used to be afraid of English class. Iused to be more afraid of English teacher make tasks with me ,they were difficult for me!I usually made mistakes in grammar.But I find a good way to learn English .I can

maybe we dont't have to go to school to study everyday 50 years later,we could stady in our own room and learn knowledge on the internet, and our teacher could teach us at anytime with computers.so there would't be any traffic jam in the future.and

fifty percent of the students eat breakfast regularly, they have a heathy life style, high working quality during the day. thirty percent of them eat junk food thus they are not as healthy, twenty percent of them do not consume breakfast thus 追问一下,不写了.

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