For some students, English is very difficult to learn. It's true that English is different from other subjects. Because we learn other subjects in Chinese. We know Chinese much earlier than English. So Chinese influences our English learning. Do you

I love my family, because I have a happy family. My father is an English teacher. His name is Jacky. He is thirty-eight. He likes playing basketball. What's my mother job? Is she a teacher? Yes, you're right! My mother is very kind and nice, she is

ok.我现在就6年级应该可以满意你. now,2010.almost all the students like watching 'world cup'.i also like it very much. i like the argentina group. bcause one of the argentina group's footballers is called meixi like meixi best.others also like it.

It takes an hour to like someone and a day to love someone,but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. You meet someone people in your life who change you for the better.Remember them kindly! And as for you friends just be loyal---nothing more

初中英语演讲稿:我的梦想(my dream)Students, guests , teachers and Honorable JudgesGood morning !Mygreatpleasuretosharemydreamwithyoutoday.mydreamistobecomeateacher.As the whole world has its boundaries, limits and freedom

As everyone knows,English is very important today.It has been used everywhere in the world.It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. If we can speak English well,we will have more chance to succeed.

My Favorite TeacherWhen I started high schoolI thought you were coolI like you because you're funnyExcept when you make me studyI like when we talk one on oneOr when we say let's

实现梦想,从来都不会太晚字号: 小 中 大 | 打印 发布: 2009-5-18 17:56 作者: webmaster 来源: yeeyan.com 查看: 1975次 Most potential entrepreneurs dream of breakthrough businesses all their lives and never get started. On the other

迎奥运英语演讲稿 China has its own sport legends. Back to Song Dynasty, People started to play a game called Cuju, which is regarded as the origin of Ancient football. So now, you will understand why our women football team is so good today.

Good morning,everyone(boys and girl).Let me introduce myself.My name is ..,I am a 15-year-old boy (girl).I am from mianyang ,Sichuan province.I think I am very outgoing(quite, clever,kind ..)I'm very( tall ,short)and( strong,thin,fat).My favorite food

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