1Learning in the Internet and the tradictional learning are the most common method in our daily study and life.2The two ways both have their advantage and disadvantage.3Learning in the Internet has the advantage that it brings free time for

1. The fundamental problem is unified exam, points out all kinds of talents, as the moulds to produce products, waste a lot of youth.2. The most serious problem is not heuristic education, teachers blindly exam oriented rather than to ability.3. One decides, life-long put many people to lose on the starting line.

The advantage and disadvatage in Chinese education

英语是 the advantage and disadvantage of the bus advantage是优点的意思 disadvantage是缺点的意思

Traditional Education Concept Shaken: ExpertsChinese experts in the field of education pointed out that the traditional concepts of education, especially in primary and high schools, are increasingly challenged by the expanding knowledge

More and more private schools are being set up. To a certain degree, these schools have made up for the shortage of schools in our country. As soon as private schools came into being, many people showed great interests. As a result, many

The current education in china still at the up and coming way because the average of educated citizen inraising trend. The another reason is the parent adhere some adverse charactor especially the want their children follow and become prominent

很多人没有真正属于自己的兴趣爱好) Student's quality can't accord with the requirement of enterprise(学生的素质不能符合企业的要求,应试教育造成学校和社会的脱节) Tuition may become an obstacle to the development of China's higher


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