我讨厌你.翻译成英语有以下几种译法:1、I hate you.[例]Small fool, I hate you. 小傻瓜,我讨厌你.2、I loathe you.[例]You are a bad breath, and I loathe you.你个讨厌鬼,我讨厌你.3、I dislike you.[例]I really ruthlessly dislike you. 我真的狠讨厌你.

Don't make me bored with you.

I hate you. hate就是讨厌,憎恨的意思

i don't want totalk toyou,because i hate you望采纳⊙⊙

我讨厌你 I hate you I detest you I'm disgusted of you I'm annoyed of you I dislike you

I dislike you.

I don't like you 我不喜欢你 I hate you 我很你

l hate you我讨厌你

Because I don't want to see you, I hate you, so you can't see me

I don't like you/I dislike you.I don't like you/I dislike you/我不喜欢你.短语1.if only i dislike you:如果我不喜欢你 | 如果只是我不喜欢你2.so sorry I dislike you:对不起 | 因此 | 很抱歉3.I dislike you very much:我很讨厌你4.I don't like you anymore:

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