So important is the college entrance exam that we should not ignore it.Students are suffering from it everyday.They have to accept very heavy burden in order to get good marks.Students should focus to their studies as their most important thing at

Everyone has him or her own favorite kind of musicI like the pop music bestIt can make me feel confortableWhen I am happy,I will listen to the happily musicWhen I am sad,I will listen to the sadly musicPop music is a representative of popularMany

Word is the foundation of learning English so you must start from word(I don't know your level)but I don't encourage you to learn by rote.单词是学习英语的基本功,所以你必须从单词开始(当然这要视你的水平而定),但是我也不建议你死记硬背地

三月,我沉静于复杂的思想斗争中,努力还是放弃,考虑了很久,终于做出了决定:还是努力学习,考个好的大学, 况且现在干什么就要文凭! 四月,我在教室里积极备战高考,在数字里,汉字里,字母里努力的探索,在有趣的数理化里追寻

Touching the keyboard and clicking the mouse is whether good or bad for people, it may difficult to tell. As the saying goes: Every coin has its two sides. Computers are harmful as well as useful and helpful. It is important to know the advantages and

recalled the idea is that when the college entrance examination tension and excitement, prepared to take a test so nervous, so excited to show their efforts.college entrance examination, is the pinnacle of my life, and cultural level. i do not agree with

Where to live in the City or in the Country Some people like living in the city because city life has many advantages. They think there are more job opportunities in cities, life there is more colorful and meaningful than that in the country, and there

My uncle is very humor. I remember once uncle, aunt and so on the good people to my home help my mom's birthday, buy a big cake, do a desks. Time of have a meal, I go to uncle there to hold soup bowl, carry away, do not pay attention to the body

Great changes have taken place since our country was founded 60 years ago. In the past we lived in the small and old houses and now we move into new broad ones which are more than one hundred square meters. At the same time, many families

高考英语作文万能句子摘取自己记得住的记忆成模板 Recently, the problem of … has aroused people's concern. 最近,……问题已引起人们的关注.The Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has

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