dialog11A: Do you have some time tomorrow?明天有空吧?B: Yes, I do.有啊.A: How about having lunch with me?一起吃顿中饭怎样?B: Good idea.好主意.dialog12A: If you're free, how about lunch?有空的话一起吃顿中饭如何?B: When did

人物:A.B.C.D.E.F.E( 不过人物E 是没有多少台词的.) On The Way Home回家的路上 Six high school students are walking on their way home,talking,laughing,六个高

A man walking in the night slipped from a rock. Afraid that he would fall down thousands of feet, because he knew that place was a very deep valley, he took hold of a branch that was hanging over the rock. In the night all he couls see was a

Good afternoon,Mr Black.Good afternoon.This is my friend Amy.Nice to meet you.Nice to meet you,too.Where are you from?I'm from America.Good Bye, Mr Black.Good Bye.

A: Hi, B. How are you today?B: FIne. How was you weekend?-Oh, I've been a great time last weeked.-That's nice. Where did you go?-I went to Hawaii. It's a beautiful place.-Luck you. What did you do>?>-I just enjoyed the sunshine.-Aha.

A:helloB:hello,what's up?你好,有什么新鲜事儿?A:nothing new,i want to go shopping tomorrow没有新鲜事儿,我明天想去购物B:what do you want to buy?你想买什么?A:my mother's birthday is next week ,i want give her a surprise,do you have

这是一篇自作的对话,如有其它需要,请出声. Tom: "Hello Fred." Fred: "Hi Tom. How's your summer?" Tom: "Not bad. I have just learned how to swim. How about

1食物:This is nice food.Like a ball.What is this ? It's apple.2天气:It's a fine day today,right? yes,I like it.I come from England.The weather is very terrible 3交通:In China the cars moving by right,What about Japan? In Japan the cass moving by left,so different.

i m so hungry!mom,can i have something to eat?all right!what would you like?ahh,let me see.a humbarger?no,that is not healthy.i will buy you a bottle of juice and pizza.would like to have them?all rig

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