Let's get ready for class. 准备上课. Class begins. 上课. Open your books, please. 请翻开书. please turn to Page 12. 请翻开书到12页. Are you ready? 准备好了吗? Who can answer this question? 谁能回答这个问题? Raise your hands,

getting up 起床用语1. it's morning time. what a great day! 天亮了,天气真好.2. wake up, boys and girls. it's six twenty now.醒醒,孩子们.现在是六点二十分.3. it's time to get up. 该起床了.4. change your clothes, please. 请换衣服.5.


Getting Up 起床用语1. It's morning time. What a great day! 天亮了,天气真好.2. Wake up, boys and girls. It's six twenty now.醒醒,孩子们.现在是六点二十分.3. It's time to get up. 该起床了.4. Change your clothes, please. 请换衣服.

1.Would you like a little bit more?(Are you sure you had enough?)你想再要一点吗? 我们一起来说吧. 28、 What's the English for it ? 这个英语怎么说? 29、 Listen to

My daily lifeI think I am a person who is understand how to make a wonderful living.Every morning,I get up early and breath the fresh air to make my body be health,then I read some essay to improve my

1. I see. 我明白了.2. I quit! 我不干了!3. Let go! 放手!4. Me too. 我也是.5. My god! 天哪!6. No way! 不行!7. Come on. 来吧(赶快)8. Hold on. 等一等.9. I agree. 我同意.10. Not bad. 还不错.11. Not yet. 还没.12. See you. 再见.13. Shut up


hello,ok.mum,mom,dad,hi,thank you,welcome,please,goodbyeBye bye,good afthernoon,good morning ,good ,see you ,


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