1.第1题 单选题 She is a talented musicians _______ a photographer. A、but also B、as well as C、but D、and so as 2.第2题 单选题 If you're late again you'll be _______ from your job. A、missed B、disappeared C、dismissed D、

1.I ___new clothes very much.A.have B.like C.want to D.need2.These clothes___very colorful.A.is B.have C.are D.has3.He likes football very ___.A.good B.fine C.well D.much4.His ___is under the bed.A.CD


初 一 英 语 选择题 1.What's the time? Sorry, I _____ have a watch. A.can't B.am not C.doesn't D.don't 2.How is your mother? ______. A.She is at school B.She's forty. C.She is OK D.She's a teacher 3.What's this in English? It's ______ apple. A.the

1、C 2、B 3 、to 4 、D 5、A 6、B 7、A 8、C 9、A


①.I haven't read ____ of his boooks, but judging from the one I have read I think he's a very promising writer.A.any B.both C.none D.either②.What have they said about the project at the meeting ____ you so angry , may I ask?A.to make B.makes


26.What's your hobby? A. Swiming B. Swimming C. Swim 27. Does your mother wash clothes? A. Yes, she doesn't B. Yes, he does C. No, she doesn't 28. What does Tom do? A. Tom goes to school. B. Tom is a boy C. Tom is a teacher 29.


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